Tips on How to get More Gigs for Your Band

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Tips on How to get More Gigs for Your Band
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As a new band, you want to get more gigs by making sure that you have a good idea of the things that you can do to allow you to gather more shows and the chance to perform in more gigs. It is not going to be that easy, but it should not be that hard for you to do as well.

You will find that there are a lot of things that you can do that should help improve the chances of you getting more recognition and gardening more audiences and fanbase along the way.

You will find that a lot of clubs and bars are going to be more than willing to let you perform in their settings. This is not because they are just trying to be nice to people that are up and coming musicians, they like the idea of putting people to perform live since they know that they will be able to sell more alcohol when there is alive performance on the scene.

Take advantage of this so you get to be able to perform more.


It is important that bands like yours will figure out that building relationships with these bars and clubs in order for you to perform in their settings, is very much the same as doing business with them. This is necessary since you need to be sure that you are able to bring them the results that they expect as far as your performance goes.

In this case, people and patrons and constant sale of their alcohol in order for them to consider you as truly importance to their overall operation.

35332f753da6c3You may need to take whatever it is that you can get at the start you may not have that much to offer yet at the beginning. So, it is very likely that you will not be in the position to demand anything yet. Make a plan, regardless.

Most of the people that want to perform in these places would push towards getting a slot to play on Saturdays as these are usually the times when there are many people present you would not want to just go ahead and do that.

Start on days where there are likely less people fist so you can get used to the idea of playing for a crowd little by little.

Get paid for your time properly! In order to take credit cards for payment or purchase things on the road, bands need to obtain a “high risk payment gateway“.

Banks have a hard time funding bands (especially when they are starting out); however, there are businesses that will help your band set up a merchant account to pay for gasoline, equipment, insurance, roadies, and food on the way to your gigs.

Besides, it should not be that hard for you to earn a reputation as far as the local clubs and bars go. If you are actually good, the local owners will really start talking about you.

So, the moment you prove that you can be a great customer draw you will find that it would be easier for you to get booked for gigs in other places and other establishments. Continue to do well and you will find that it is going to be easy to get places where you can play.

12183288006_5210537a47_oIf you are really serious with getting a career in the industry, then see to it that you will connect with other bands as much as you can. You definitely need to find ways on how you can get your network improved along the way.

This is very important as this would allow you to have a better idea of the tips and trips that will get you more exposed to the right people that can get you booked for more performance more shows, and even a possible record in the future.